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A dream, some wedding money, and an old trailer.

My name is Chris MacDonald, and I always wanted to own a food truck of some sort. My wife, Amanda, has been very supportive of the dream since the beginning. We used our savings accounts, pooled all the cash gifts from our wedding, and refinanced a car to buy our first trailer. In 2017, MacDaddy's Seafood & Tots was born.

Our experience in seafood is hard to match. My family owns a seafood restaurant in Oxford, Maine (The Lost Gull Fish N' Chips). My parents have been working in the seafood industry for over 20 years. Our family's experience in the seafood industry means the seafood prepared for every dish is the freshest, best tasting seafood available.

Some of you may ask, "Why tater tots?" I will tell you right now, I never liked tater tots as a kid. In fairness, I only had them during hot lunch at school, which meant they were baked and under cooked. This all changed when I went to college, where they cooked the tots properly; in a fryer. Those things were delicious and addicting!

 When we got our start in Lisbon Falls, ME, we knew we had a great opportunity to feed the town, and meet some great friends along the way. We take what we learned in the early seasons to provide a great experience for all. And we continue to learn, even in our seventh season. One thing is certain; Wherever we serve, we are always grateful for the support!



since 2017

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